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Our Firm


The Law Office of Anna V. Boudakova offers professional legal services in personal injury and family law. When you hire Ms. Boudakova, you find an attorney with knowledge of the law, experience in handling matters in and out of court, a high level of professionalism and work ethics, as well as a friend with a personable and compassionate approach to your problems.


Read more about Ms. Boudakova's background and achievements on the attorney's info page.



Мы говорим на русском языке.


Ваши права в наших руках!


Услуги Адвоката по вопросам:


  • семейного законодательства

  • разводы без согласия или по обоюдному согласию;

  •  раздел имущества; 

  • содержание супругов во время и после развода; 

  • посещение детей и алименты; 

  • брачные и добрачные контранты

  • Усыновление и удочерение детей;

  • Ордер о защите (Order of Protection) 

  • Травмы, несчастные случаи  

  • аварии;

  • падения на тротуарах, в домах, на улице, в общественном транспорте, в лифтах, магазинах, зданиях;

  • Незаконные аресты


  • Мы так же предоставляем юридические услуги в покупке и продаже недвижимости, и подготовке завещаний.












Personal Injury:
An injured person may be entitled to monetary compensation. We provide legal services in various types of personal injury cases: car accidents, pedestrian knock-downs, trip and falls, slip and falls, construction site accidents, assault, battery, municipal liability, premises liability. We also represent citizens in false arrest and police misconduct cases.
Call us for a free consultation.
Remember: We only collect legal fees if we win your case!
Family Law:
We fight zealously for the best results in divorce cases, as they may involve complicated issues of child custody and visitation, child support, maintenance, distribution of marital assets. Whether we fight for you in court or negotiate a settlement on your behalf, we are committed to obtaining the best possible resolution for you.
We also handle uncontested divorces.
Adopting a child? We will assist you with every apsect of the legal adoption process. 
We also provide legal representation in Family Court cases, such as child abuse and neglect prosecutions by ACS; family offense petitions; petitions for custody and visitation. 
Real Estate Closings:
Buying or Selling a home or investment property? Our firm will help you through the process from signing a contract to the closing. By working closely with your real estate brokers, your bank, and the other side, we strive to make real estate transaction a smooth and enjoyable experience. 
Wills and Trusts:
We will write your will, living will, health care proxy, and/or create a trust, in order to ensure that your savings are protected and distributed in accordance with your wishes.

Anna V. Boudakova, Esq.

420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 2440
New York, New York 10170


Tel: 646-793-6465

Fax: 212- 697-6458



Areas of Practice

Family Law​ (Contested and Uncontested Divorces; child custody, child support, spousal support [alimony, maintenance], distribution of assets; adoptions; family offense petitions; child abuse/neglect defense against ACS prosecutions)


Personal Injury Law 

Accidents (No-Fault, Motor Vehicle Accidents; Trip and Falls; Slip and Falls; Premises Liability)

Civil Rights and Police Misconduct Litigation (unlawful arrest; police brutality)

Real Estate Closings


Wills and Trusts


General Litigation