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The Law Office of Anna V. Boudakova, Esq. offers professional legal services in the area of family law and personal injury litigation. 

Ms. Boudakova is experienced in civil litigation with knowledge of a broad spectrum of family law, tort and personal injury law, civil rights law, and civil procedure, as well as the court rules and procedures.

Ms. Boudakova handles uncontested divorces, as well as contested matrimonial cases, involving complicated issues of child custody and visitation, child support, maintenance, distribution of marital assets. Ms. Boudakova also provides legal representation in Family Court cases, such as abuse and neglect prosecutions by ACS; family offense petitions; petitions for custody and visitation; PINS petitions; and adoptions.

Having years of experience in handling personal injury litigation, Ms. Boudakova acts as a zealous advocate for those injured as a result of motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian knock-downs, trip and falls, slip and falls, construction site accidents, Civil Rights violation and police misconduct, municipal liability, premises liability.